Outlook Speakout Awards

Late Vinod Mehta


An acclaimed journalist, writer and political commentator, Vinod Mehta (1942-2015) was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Outlook from 1995 to 2012. He has also been editor of different newspapers and magazines such as The Pioneer, The Sunday Observer and The Indian Post. Born in Rawalpindi, Mr Mehta grew up in Lucknow  and did several jobs in the UK before returning to India to launch Debonair, a men’s magazine. He subsequently launched different newspapers before establishing Outlook as a widely-read and widely-respected weekly in 1995.

Mr Mehta also wrote several books, including his best-selling autobiography, A Lucknow Boy, which was published in 2011. His other books include biographies of actress Meena Kumar and Congress leader Sanjay Gandhi. He was conferred with the prestigious Yash Samman award by the Uttar Pradesh government for his outstanding contribution in the field of journalism. He was also the president of the Editors Guild of India.

A popular face on television chennels, Mr Mehta was known for his incisive views and analysis on contemporary politics. He passed away after a protracted illness in 2015.